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Miscellaneous Musings, Thoughts, Conjecture and general Balderdash (I just wanted to use the world “balderdash”)…

Welcome to Bert Laws What?

I call my site…What? … because I’ am always looking for the What, the Why, the How,, the Where to get to the story.  There is a tendency to often just say OK or worse WHAT THE HECK?….this leads to a superficial understanding the the real WHAT

People & Places

My photography has taken me to a lot of places.  Hit this link below to see some of the places I’ve been.

Galleries Just for Fun

Here’s some stuff that I pop in here just for fun..  Just Open the Gallery and Right Click on the pix that you want to download and save….  For my “Official” Home Page – click Here

SouthWest 2023


Christmas 2022

Want to talk?

I’m always interested in new adventures and new photography ideas;  Feel free to give me a call or drop me a note..


Photography.  Just Photography.

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